Therapy can provide a comfortable space to explore the challenges you are facing. My approach to therapy begins by considering what you are experiencing as an individual as well as how the environment you are in. The circumstances you are facing and the people around you contribute to your well being in helpful or unhelpful ways. 


I work primarily with teens, adults, couples and families. I specialize in relationship distress, conflict and what may seem to be unresolvable differences in relationships.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, lost, alone, unsupported, frustrated or plain fed up and you can’t take it anymore, call me. We will work together to bring about change in your life and help you cope with what you cannot change. 


I am located in Newtown, PA but can see anyone located in Pennsylvania. I am currently only seeing clients online. I use a HIPAA complaint version of zoom, which provides convenience and works very well for therapy. 


I do not take insurance, however, your insurance may reimburse you all or a portion of the costs after your annual out of network deductible is met. My sessions are $130 per session. All sessions are a full hour, not 45 or 50 minutes. In my work, I aim to be effective and efficient, reducing the time you need to be in therapy and therefore minimizing the overall cost. 


Jennie Schottmiller, LMFT

(267) 380-0821


Time to make a change

  • Individuals, couples and families

  • Conflict in relationships

  • Parenting issues

  • Co-Parenting


All services are online


213 N. Congress St.
Newtown, PA 18940

Call: (267) 380-0821

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